Hello from the other side...

...of your seat at the United Center.

We haven't met yet, at least I assume we haven't. I'm nothing more than the seat number next to your own for Adele's concert on July 13 at the United Center. Nice to meet you, Section 314 Seats 11 and 13. I'm Seat 12.

I was planning (hoping) to attend the concert with friends, but we weren't able to find a block of tickets together. Rather than forgoing the opportunity to see Adele perform live, I nabbed the only single ticket that I could find as the clock counted down on the Ticketmaster website.

But now I feel uncomfortable. I don't know your name, but you're going to see me burst into tears at the opening of notes of "When We Were Young." Maybe I'm going to listen to you sing along to "Someone Like You" in a moment of nostalgia for an ex. There's a great deal of emotional risk in an Adele concert, even when you know the people around you.

It would be in all of our best interests, I think, if we at least learned names. Or had a cup of coffee before the show. You know, a little bit of an icebreaker before we go all in emotionally with one another.

So if you're Section 314 Seats 11 or 13, send me a message. Let's get the pleasantries out of the way before things get raw and emotional.